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Maxinzhuang Bridge

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Maxinzhuang Bridge is located in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, G244 National road, the span of the bridge is 6m, using solid reinforced concrete slab structure, with a bridge width of 12m. the bridge deck pavement is composed of 9cm bituminous concrete, ATR-1 waterproof layer and10cmC40 concrete. Both sides of the bridge are provided with rigid anti-collision railings. Both sides of the bridge head are provided with two-section grade flat approach slab. The bridge is an integral bridge, i.e., the integral abutment is adopted, and all expansion joints and expansion devices of the bridge are canceled. The longitudinal expansion of the girders due to temperature deformation is mainly absorbed and transferred to the soil through the approach slab and abutments at both ends of the bridge. The overall bridge has the best integrity and the least maintenance and repair workload.

The Maxinzhuang Bridge was constructed by Baoji Highway Administration and designed by Xi'an Highway Research Institute. The School of Civil Engineering of Fuzhou University is responsible for the scientific research project with the bridge as the background, and has guided the design of the bridge and carried out research on the bridge structure. The bridge was completed and opened to traffic in July 2018.

aSide view

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