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Xipo Bridge

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Xipo Bridge is located atNational Road G244, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. The bridge is a straight bridge with a span of 13m and a width of 12m. The superstructure is prestressed concrete hollow slab. The bridge deck pavement consists of 9cm asphalt concrete, ATR-1 waterproof layer and 10cm C40 concrete. Both sides of the bridge are provided with rigid anti-collision railings. Grade flat approach slab with a length of 5m are arranged at both ends of the bridge. The bridge is a semi-integral bridge, AND the upper part of the abutment is just connected with the main girder, and the lower part of the abutment is connected with the superstructure through the support, so that the expansion joint and deck expansion device at the abutment are cancelled, the maintenance of the deck expansion device is avoided, and the service performance and durability of the bridge are improved. At the same time, because the main girders are connected to the abutments by bearings. It does not transmit bending moment or shear force, which makes the additional forces caused by temperature changes, concrete shrinkage and creep and the settlement differences of pier smaller than that of the integral bridge. Drainage pipes are installed in the lower part of the end girders to facilitate drainage, and foam filler is installed between the end girders and the wingwalls to accommodate the deformation of the main girders and to prevent water from eroding the main girders.

TheXipo Bridge was constructed by Baoji Highway Administration and designed by Xi'an Highway Research Institute. The School of Civil Engineering of Fuzhou University is responsible for the scientific research project with the bridge as the background, and has guided the design of the bridge and carried out research on the bridge structure. The bridge was completed and opened to traffic in June 2020.

aSide view of bridge


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