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Jinchanghe Bridge

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Jinchang River Bridge is located at the south side of Jinchang West Road (Zhongren Road - Jintong Road) in Taopu Town, Putuo District, crossing the Jinchang River in the wetland area and connecting with the wooden walkway in the wetland. The bridge is positioned as a pedestrian landscape bridge with a total length of 53.5m, a total bridge width of 6m, a net width of 5.6m and a single side railing width of 0.2m.

The Jinchang River Bridge uses a bridge abutment instead of river berms, and the bridge adopts a span arrangement of 19.5m + 34m = 53.5m, with the bridge head connected to the internal and external roads on both sides of the park. The main girder of the upper structure is a steel box girder with two webs. The lower structure uses concrete column piers with bored pile foundations underneath the tie beams and straight-walled abutments. Both abutments are based on bored pile foundations. The deck pavement is made of with a 50mm high box pavement foundation welded to the top plate of the steel box girders. The top plate between the pavement foundations is paved with fine stone concrete (containing reinforcement mesh) to improve the durability of the bridge deck.

To prevent cracking of the road surface behind the abutment, a long sloping lap is used to form a thick and long elastomeric body with the soil at the end of the lap to absorb the expansion and contraction deformation of the beam. The use of long sloping lap slabs is conducive to the absorption and transmission of deformation, and the slope of the lap slabs takes into account the transverse and vertical transmission of forces and displacements in the bridge deck to prevent or reduce the occurrence of reflection cracks.

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