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The 2nd International Symposium on Jointless & Sustainable Bridges (the 1st Notification)

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Hosting Organization:

International Association of Jointless Bridges (IAJB)


Northeast Forestry University (NFU)

Fuzhou University (FZU)

International Association of Bridge Earthquake Engineering (IABEE).

Committee of Sustainable Civil Engineering, Urban Science Research Institute, China

Conference Location:

Northeast Forestry University, 26 Hexing Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China


Sustainability is a holistic concept that is becoming increasingly important in the construction sector. Jointless bridge meeting sustainable development trend has been widely used in developed and is being promoted to developing countries. Compared with the conventional bridge, it has lower maintenance costs due to elimination of joints, improved vehicular riding quality due to the smooth, uninterrupted deck, lower noise, as well as larger mitigation capability against disaster.

In order to promote the application and development of jointless bridges, the International Association of Jointless Bridges (IAJB) was established during the first international Workshop of jointless bridge held in Fuzhou (China) on March 8-14, 2014. Subsequently, four workshops were held in China and the United States in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively. The jointless bridge terminology, international guideline, technical development direction and association work were discussed in these workshops and important progress was made.

The International Association of Jointless Bridge held the first International Symposium on Jointless & Sustainable Bridges (ISJSB'2016) in Fuzhou (China) from May 12th to 14th, 2016. Experts and scholars from China, United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany and Turkey participated in the conference, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on topics such as design, construction, maintenance and retrofitting of bridges without expansion joints. The topic of sustainable bridge technology was also discussed. The IAJB Association decided to hold the ISJSB meeting every three years, and to organize the second Symposium (ISJSB'2019) in Harbin (China) from July 15-19, 2019.

Experts and researchers are welcome to attend the Symposium to exchange ideas and experiences on bridge design, construction and maintenance issues as well as ideas for future growth and sustainability.

Symposium Topics

Topics to be covered in the Symposium include but are not limited to:

-Codes and guidelines for Jointless Bridges

-Soil Structure Interaction (SSI)

-Seismic Response and Resilience of Jointless Bridges

-Design of Jointless Bridges

-Retrofitting of existing conventional bridges to a new integral configuration

-Development of Sustainable Bridges

-New and high performance materials for durable Bridges

-Life cycle cost of Bridges

-Health monitoring of bridges

-Durability performance of bridges


The conference registration fee includes: a) attendance; b) proceedings in CD; c) lunch and coffee breaks; e) conference banquet and welcome reception.

Accompanying person will not receive the proceedings.

Registration Fee

Early Bird fee

Until June 15, 2019

Standard Fee

After June 15, 2019







Accompanying Person


Call for Abstracts

A request for abstracts for the ISJS2019 Symposium is now open.

The abstract and full paper templates can be downloaded at:

The abstract format file name is: IAJB2019_Abstract_ Template; the full-text format file name is: IAJB2019_FULLpaper_Template.

Please submit your abstracts by April 15, 2019 to the following emails: or

Selected papers will be recommended for publication in a special issue of Journal of Bridge Engineering (2019, Jointless Bridge), ASCE.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission

April. 15, 2019

Abstract Acceptance

April. 30, 2019

Full Paper Submission

May 30, 2019

Pre-registration Due

June 15, 2019


July 15-19, 2019


Philip W. Yen, Chair

International   Association of Bridge Earthquake Engineering (IABEE), USA

Alp Caner

Middle East Technical   University, Turkey

Alessandro   Palermo 

University of   Canterbury, New Zealand

Anastasisos Sextos

University of Bristol,   UK

Baochun Chen

Fuzhou University,   China

Bijan Khaleghi 

Department of   Transportation, Washington State, USA

Bruno Briseghella

Fuzhou University,   China

Camillo Nuti

University of Roma   Tre, Italy

Christian Binder

Schimetta Consult   ZTGmbH, Austria

Chengyu Li

University of Colorado   at Denver, USA

Damien Champenoy

Civil Engineering   Structures, Cerema Est, France

Frank Y. Chen

Pennsylvania State   University, USA

Fuyun Huang

Fuzhou University,   China

George Mylonakis

University of Bristol,   UK

Giuseppe Carlo Marano

Fuzhou University,   China

Habib Tabatabai 

University of   Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Hans Petursson

Swedish Transport   Administration, Sweden

Ian Buckle

University of Nevada,   USA

Jiangang Wei 

Fujian College of   Engineering, China

Jianzhuang Xiao 

Tongji University,   China

Khaled Sennah 

Ryerson university,   Canada

Peter Dusicka

Portland State   University, USA

Philippe Jandin

Civil Engineering   Structures, Cerema Est, France

Qingguo Ben

Sujiao Group Co.,   Ltd., China

Qiuhong Zhao 

Tianjin University,   China

Roman Geier

Schimetta Consult   ZTGmbH, Austria

Stergios A.Mitoulis

University of Surrey,   UK

Thomas Kuhnle 

Schimetta Consult   ZTGmbH, Austria

Tianlai Yu

Northeast Forestry   University, China

Voo Yen Lei

Dura Technology,   Malaysia

Xu Ming 

Tsinghua University,   China

Yiyan Chen

Shenzhen Municipal   Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., China

Yongjian Liu

Chang’an University,   China

Yuanfeng Wang 

Beijing Jiaotong   University, China

Yizhou Zhuang 

Fuzhou University,   China

Organizing Committee

Tianlai   Yu (Chair)

Northeast   Forestry University, P.R.CHINA

Fuyun   Huang (Co-Chair)

Fuzhou   University, P.R.CHINA

Hongxiang   Zhang (Secretary)

Northeast   Forestry University, P.R.CHINA

Linda Kuo

International   Association of Bridge Earthquake Engineering (IABEE), USA

Junqing   Xue 

Fuzhou   University, China

Jiazhan   Su

Fuzhou   University, China

Yufan   Huang  

Fuzhou   University, China

Guanglong   Yu

Northeast   Forestry University, China

Guowei   Zhang 

Northeast   Forestry University, China

Yagebai   Zhao

Northeast   Forestry University, China

Hongguang   Wang

Northeast   Forestry University, China

Yan   Yang

Fuzhou   University, China

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