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Congratulation on the success of “The Technical Regulation of Highway Jointless Bridge (CECS G)”

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On November 12th, 2017, the meeting for compiling the Specification of "The Technical Regulation of Highway Jointless Bridge (CECSG)" sponsored by the Fuzhou University had been successfully held in Fuzhou, China.

The meeting discussed the compilation outline of the technical regulation of highway jointless bridges and reached broad consensus. All participates provided comprehensive suggestions for further promotion and development of jointless bridges in domestic and wish that the compilation of "technical regulation for highway jointless bridges" can be completed as soon as possible by scientific cooperation and engineering practice. Finally, the host organizers of Fuzhou University conducted a detailed assignment of tasks for the future.

After the meeting, the IABSM Special Session in 2018 (the 4th Workshop on IAJB) and the second international jointless bridge symposium in 2019 were also discussed. The second international jointless bridge symposium will be hold in Harbin, 7/12-14, 2019, please take an attention.


The participates are as following:

Prof.Phillip W. Yen, chairman of International Jointless Bridge Association

Prof.Liu Yongjian from Chang’an University

Prof.Zhao Qiuhong from Tianjin University

Prof.Yu Tianlai from Northeast Forestry University

Ben Qingguo, senior engineer of Jiangsu Transportation Institute

Wang Jin, senior engineer of Broadvision Engineering Consultants

Prof.Bruno Briseghella, dean of Civil Engineering College of Fuzhou University

Prof.Chen Baochun, Fuzhou University

Prof.Wei jiangang, Fuzhou University

Prof.Wu Qingxiong, Fuzhou University

Prof.Zhuang Yizhou, Fuzhou University

Prof.Huang Fuyun, Fuzhou University

Associate Professor Lin Shangshun, Fuzhou University

Dr.Xue Junqing, Fuzhou University

Dr.Huang Yufan and Miss.Yangyan, Fuzhou University.

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