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Isola Della Scala Bridge

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       The Isola Della Scala bridge is located in Verona, Italy. The bridge has 13 spans ( 29.9 m +11 × 31 m +29.9m) and the total length is 400.8m. The bridge construction began in 2001, with the original design being a simply supported beam bridge. However, due to the economic problems of the construction contractor, the work was suspended for two years. During the period, all the prestressed main beams and the prefabricated components had already been purchased. The construction of the piers and abutments have also been completed. In early 2006, the construction work resumed. In order to improve the bridge serviceability and to reduce maintenance costs, the owners decided that the new bridge should try to avoid the use of the expansion devices. Based on the analysis, it is found that it is possible to remove all the expansion joints and devices, and convert the whole bridge into a continuous beam bridge with the integral abutments, that is, an integral abutment jointless bridge. In the modified design, the original simply supported beam is replaced by the continuous beam, the expansion joints and devices over the piers are removed; the integral abutments are used and the expansion joints and devices at the abutment are removed.

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