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Shang Ban Large Bridge

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Fig. 2-1 Perspective view of the Shang Ban LargeBridge

Fig. 2-2 Top view of the Shang Ban LargeBridge

Fig. 2-3 Overall plan of Yong Chun Large Bridge(Unit:cm)

Fig. 2-4 Configurations of the integralabutment (Unit:cm)

Completed in

Jan. 2, 2004


Yongchun county, Fujian Province, China

Superstructure type

Prestressed T girder bridge

Function / usage

Two-way road bridge2 lanes

Type of jointless bridge

Integral abutment

T girder


Deck pavement


Span arrangement

4 ×30 m




(clear 7.5+2× 0.5) m

Total length

137.1 m


 Compacted sand gravel

Data trimmer

Dr. Yizhou Zhuang

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