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The 2nd International Symposium on Jointless & Sustainable Bridges

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ISJSB 2019

The 2nd International Symposium on Jointless & Sustainable Bridges Harbin, China, 15-19 July, 2019

Welcome to ISJSB 2019

The 2nd International Symposium on Jointless & Sustainable Bridges (ISJSB 2019) organized by International Association of Jointless Bridge (IAJB) will take place in Harbin from 16th July to 17th July, 2019. A myriad of topics will be discussed during the symposium including but not limited to Seismic Response and Resilience of Jointless Bridges, Design and Construction of Jointless Bridges, Retrofitting of Existing Conventional Bridges to a New Integral Configuration, Soil Structure Interaction (SSI), Development of Sustainable Bridges, and Durability performance of bridges, etc.

With an expected attendance of hundreds of industry professionals and specialists from across the globe, the symposium overlooks the future development of jointless bridges with s special focus on their sustainability and resilience. The application of jointless bridge is still in its infancy in China. Participants of the symposium will have an opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with others on the design, construction and maintenance of jointless bridges and provide their insights on the future research perspectives.

Famed as the ‘Oriental Paris’ and ‘Eastern Moscow’ in Asia, Harbin is the center of industrial and cultural capital of Northeast China. The city is notable for its historical Russian legacy as well as east-meets-west neoclassical-styled architectures blended with a Russian flair. With Harbin’s mild summer weather, vibrant culinary indulgence and diverse attractions, participants will surely immerse themselves in a one-of-a-lifetime experience alongside with the local engineering scenes.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we welcome you to the symposium and look forward to meeting you this summer in Harbin.

Philip Yen

Chair of IAJB and the Organizing Committee


International Association of Jointless Bridge (IAJB) Heilongjiang Provincial Transportation Investment Co., Ltd


International Association of Bridge Earthquake Engineering(IABEE)

Committee of Sustainable Civil Engineering, Urban Science Research Institute,China,

China Highway Association, Bridge and Structure Engineering Branch

China Highway Association, Heilongjiang Provincial Branch

Support Organizations:

Fuzhou University,

Longjian Road & Bridge Construction Co., Ltd.

Executive Organizer:

BRIDGE Magazine

Northeast Forestry University,

Heilongjiang Provincial Institute of Highway Survey & Design

Advisory Committee

Philip W. Yen (USA) 

Baochun Chen (China) 

Bruno Briseghella (Italy) 

Fuyun Huang (China) 

Tianlai Yu (China)

International Scientific Committee

Philip W. Yen,   Chair

International   Association of Bridge Earthquake Engineering


Alp Caner

Middle East   Technical University, Turkey

Alessandro   Palermo

University of   Canterbury, New Zealand

Anastasisos   Sextos

University of   Bristol, UK

Baochun Chen

Fuzhou   University, China

Bijan Khaleghi

Department of   Transportation, Washington State, USA

Bruno   Briseghella

Fuzhou   University, China

Camillo Nuti

University of   Roma Tre, Italy

Christian   Binder

Schimetta   Consult ZTGmbH, Austria

Chengyu Li

University of   Colorado at Denver, USA

Damien   Champenoy

Civil   Engineering Structures, Cerema Est, France

Frank Y. Chen

Pennsylvania   State University, USA

Fuyun Huang

Fuzhou   University, China

George   Mylonakis

University of   Bristol, UK

Giuseppe Carlo   Marano

Fuzhou   University, China

Habib   Tabatabai

University of   Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Hans Petursson

Swedish   Transport Administration, Sweden

Ian Buckle

University of   Nevada, USA

Jiangang Wei

Fujian College   of Engineering, China

Jianzhuang   Xiao

Tongji   University, China

Khaled Sennah

Ryerson   university, Canada

Peter Dusicka

Portland State   University, USA

Philippe   Jandin

Civil   Engineering Structures, Cerema Est, France

Qingguo Ben

Sujiao Group   Co., Ltd., China

Qiuhong Zhao

Tianjin   University, China

Roman Geier

Schimetta   Consult ZTGmbH, Austria

Stergios   A.Mitoulis

University of   Surrey, UK

Thomas Kuhnle

Schimetta   Consult ZTGmbH, Austria

Tianlai Yu

Northeast   Forestry University, China

Voo Yen Lei

Dura   Technology, Malaysia

Xu Ming

Tsinghua   University, China

Yiyan Chen

Shenzhen   Municipal Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.,China

Yongjian Liu

Chang’an   University, China

Yuanfeng Wang

Beijing   Jiaotong University, China

Yizhou Zhuang

Fuzhou   University, China

Organizing Committee

Tianlai   Yu(Chair)

Northeast   Forestry University, P.R.CHINA


Fuzhou   University, P.R.CHINA

Linda Kuo

International   Association of Bridge EarthquakeEngineering (IABEE), USA

Rui Dong

Fuzhou   University, China

Junqing Xue

Fuzhou   University, China

Guanglong Yu

Northeast   Forestry University, China

Guowei Zhang

Northeast   Forestry University, China

Yagebai Zhao

Northeast   Forestry University, China

Hongguang Wang

Northeast   Forestry University, China

Yan Yang

Fuzhou   University, China

Executive Committee


Hongxiang Zhang, Northeast Forestry University


Jiangang Wei, Fujian College of Engineering, China 

Yizhou Zhuang, Zhejiang University of Technology 

Fuyun Huang, Fuzhou University

Zhigang Yang, BRIDGE Magazine 

Ling Liao, BRIDGE Magazine 

Shuxia Yu, BRIDGE Magazine

Important Dates

Deadline for   Abstract Submission

30th April,   2019

Notification   of Abstract Acceptance

15th May, 2019

Deadline for   Full Paper Submission

15th June,   2019

Duration of   Symposium

15th to 19th   July, 2019

Registration Fees

Registration   Type

Early Bird   Rate

Until June 15,   2019





Symposium Themes:

Topics to be covered in the Symposium include but are not limited to:

Seismic Response and Resilience of Jointless Bridges

Design and Construction of Jointless Bridges

Retrofitting of existing conventional bridges to a new integral configuration

Soil Structure Interaction (SSI)

Development of Sustainable Bridges

Durability performance of bridges


Registration and Sponsorship:

Abstract and Full Paper Submission:

2019/07/16 大会第一天   

Day one

报告人与演讲题目 Speakers & Topics
08:30-09:00研讨会开幕式及合影 Opening Ceremony and Group Photo
09:00-09:35Philip Yen (USA)《美国无缝桥的整体特点及影响无缝桥性能的因素》
The General Characteristics and Factors   Affecting the Performance of Jointless Bridges in the USA
09:35-10:10Steve Denton(GBR)《 无 缝 桥 设 计 在 欧 洲 的 发 展 》
European Developments on Integral Bridge Design
10:10-10:45陈 宝 春
CHEN Baochun (CHN)
《中国无伸缩缝 桥 梁应用与研究进 展 》
The Application and Researches of Jointless   Bridges in China

10:45-11:00茶歇 Tea Break
11:00-11:35Christian Cremona (FRA)《 法 国 应 用 整 体 桥 的 经 验 与 成 就 》
Intergal Bridges: The French Experience.
11:35-12:10Bruno Briseghella (ITA)《意大利最长无缝桥——Isoladella   Scala 桥的设计施工介绍》
Isoladella Scala: The Longest Jointless Bridge   in the World

12:10-14:00午餐 Lunch   Buffet
14:00-14:35陈 宜 言
CHEN Yiyan (CHN)
《 深 圳 马 峦 山 桥 大 桥 设 计 与 应 用 》
The Design and Practice of Malanshan Bridge in Shenzhen City
14:35-15:10Bijan Khaleghi (USA)《地震区的无缝桥在设计及施工方面的挑战》
The Design and Construction Challenges of Jointless Bridges In Seismic   Regions 
15:10-15:45Bruce Johnson (USA)《俄勒冈州无缝桥的设计标准及细节设计》
Design Criteria and Detailing for Integral Abutment Bridges in Oregon State

15:45-16:00茶歇 Tea   Break
16:00-16:35Camillo Nuti(ITA)《 整 体 式 桥 台 的 抗 震 设 计 》
Seismic Design of Integral Abutment Bridges
16:35-17:10赵 秋 红ZHAO Qiuhong (CHN)《无缝斜桥的抗震性能研究》
Seismic Performance on Skew Jointless Bridges
17:10-17:45Khaled Sennah(CAN)《 可持续桥梁施工采用的不锈钢》
Stainless Steel for Sustainable Bridge Construction
17:45-18:20庄 一 舟
《整体式桥台无缝桥阶梯式桩 - 土相互研究》
The Stepping Pile-soil Interaction on Integral   Abutment Jointless Bridges

18:30晚餐 Dinner
2019/07/17 大会第二天
Day two 
报告人与演讲题目 Speakers & Topics
08:30-09:05李 成 玉
Chad Li(USA)
《无缝桥梁在桥梁快速施工中的应用 》
Integral Bridges in Accelerated Bridge Construction
09:05-09:40Ian Buckle (USA)《整体桥台无缝桥的抗震设 》
Seismic Design Issues for Jointless Bridges with Integral Abutments
09:40-10:15Habib Tabatabai
Integral Abutment Bridges Supported on Concrete Piles

10:15-10:30茶歇 Tea   Break
10:30-11:05刘 永 健
LIU Yongjian (CHN)
A Study on Temperature Load in Different Codes and Analysis Based on Big   data investigation in China

王 元 

峰WANG Yuanfeng (CHN)

On Sustainable Bridges
11:40-12:15于 天 来
YU Tianlai (CHN)
The Application and Development of Jointless Bridges in Frozen Area (in   North China)

12:15-14:00午餐 Lunch   Buffet
14:00-14:35黄 福 云
Seismic Performance on Extension Deck Jointless   Bridges with Micro-pile in Approach
14:35-15:10贲 庆 国
BEN Qingguo (CHN)
    The Design and Construction on Semi-integral Abutment Jointless Bridges
15:10-15:45杨 永 斌
Yeong-Bin Yang (CHN)
《振频 扫描车在桥梁健康 监测中的应用 》
Vehicle Scanning Method for Bridges
15:45-16:00茶歇 Tea   Break
16:35-17:10聂 玉 东
NIE Yudong(CHN)
The Application of High-Ductility and   Anti-Corrosion Steel in Heilongjiang-Blagoveshchensk Bridge
17:10-17:45严 爱 国
Aiguo Yan(CHN)


The Innovative Design and Application of Long-Span Integral   High-Speed Railway Bridges

17:45-18:15Poster Session (形式待定)
18:15-18:30大会总结及闭幕式 Conclusion   & Closing Ceremony
19:00晚餐 Dinner
2019/07/18 Day three技术参观 Technical Visit
8:30市内地点待定 Location   TBD
午餐 Lunch
大会正式结束 END

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