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The 3rd International Workshop on Jointless Bridge

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1.The 3rd International Jointless Bridge Workshop Schedule

2.Seismic Connections for Positive Moments in Precast Prestressed Girders    by---John stanton

3.Displacement-based Calculation Method on Soil-pile International of PHC Pipe-piles  by--- Huang Fuyun

4. Experimental Research on Seismic Behavior of Integral Abutment–Pile Joint    by---Qiuhong Zhao

5.Seismic Performance of a Skewed Jointless Bridge    by----Suiwen Wu

6.Jointless bridge in France Innovation for the year 2016    by----Damien CHAMPENOY

7. Investigation and analysis of jointless bridges in China    by----Yufang Huang

8.Oregon Dot Integral Abutment Design Criteria    by----Bruce Johnson

9.Frence Practices and Experience Past and Modern Generations    by----Philippe Jandin

10.Full-scale Experimental Investigation on Dynamic p-y Curve For Steel Pile Micropiles    by----Yizhou Zhuang

11.Criteria and Practices of Various States for the Design of Jointless and Integral Abutment Bridges    by----Habib Tabatabai

12.Recent Advances on Jointless Bridges in Europe    by----Bruno Briseghella

13.Mechanical Analysis of Plate-Type Approach Slab of Jointless bridges    by----Junqing Xue

14.Introduction of Semi-integral Abutment Jointless Bridge    by----Qingguo Ben

15.Terminnology and Drafting of Jointless Bridge Guidelines

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